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We’re a leading tank farm industry in Netherlands

Ghekiere Transhipment and Terminal Tank Storage is operating a Class 1 storage and blending facility for gasoline, gasoline components, and bio fuels with c.342,500m³ gross capacity across 29 storage tanks located in the Rotterdam.

Top-class craftsmanship

Our many years of experience are reflected in the quality of our products, which is also guaranteed by our ISO 9001 internal quality system.

01 Ghekiere Transhipment and Terminal Tank Storage strives for effective business management.

02 We want to lead the way in quality and variety of oil products.
03 we are highly-skilled and experts in this industry

We’re committed to help clients

Ghekiere Transshipment and Terminal Tank Storage is a top-tier global independent operator of bulk liquid storage facilities for various products including petrochemicals, petroleum, base oil, oil and gas products, Agribulk grains, oilseeds, derivatives, and industrial minerals. Terminals are strategically located worldwide, with a combined liquid storage capacity of 8 million m³. The company also provides loading/unloading services for all transportation modes, emphasizing corporate and social governance to foster positive societal impact.

David Coper
David CoperCustomer
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I chose Ghekiere Transhipment and Terminal Tank Storage simply because it's very challenging trying to retrieve testimonials from previous clients, and so this was a quick, simple, and easy way to store products.
Mike Hardson
Mike HardsonCustomer
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We absolutely love Ghekiere Transhipment and Terminal Tank Storage. We use the terminal for customers storage products after they've taken their tour. It's simple, inexpensive and exactly what we were looking for.
Jessica Brown
Jessica BrownCustomer
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Ghekiere Transhipment and Terminal Tank Storage is super helpful in getting testimonials from clients. The additional features to website or landing page is super helpful as well. I highly recommend Ghekiere Transhipment and Terminal Tank Storage.


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